Semper Paratus Tour of 24

The worst part of WAR...
should not be coming HOME

Bridging the Gap Between Veteran and Civilian


Reuniting America with Her Veterans

Fueled by love of country and belief that WE THE PEOPLE can and will create solutions,   

BBF is a combat Veteran founded NPO who believes Veterans are America’s greatest natural resource. We work in PARTNERSHIP to mobilize the power of people and resources dedicated to relevant military-to-civilian transition and beyond. Think of us as the protector, a wingman, the critical mass instigator to the Veteran brotherhood. 

Carrying on the warrior spirit of "Deuce Four", we’ve got your six and we won’t let you down. 

Communication & Collaboration, not Competition


It's time to Reintroduce America to her Veterans and break societies stigma that warriors are broken, heal the culture behind the Veteran suicide epidemic and lift the many burdens that plague our returning Veterans.


Battle Plan


Our efforts are focused on drawing together and uniting the skills and  experiences of Veterans and their families with their hometown  communities and trusted NPOs to instigate and build stable, sustainable  local platforms for them to strengthen, focus, reshape and push forward as  better physical, mental and emotional versions of themselves.   

We are not going to win this battle unless we all work together. The saying WE HEAL EACH OTHER has never been so true. We cannot be involved as Veterans, as first responders, as NPO’s, as suicide prevention organizations, as families, as communities, as concerned citizens or whichever participant box you check, in a zero sum game. It is our responsibility to not assign a defeatist label unto Veterans, but rather recognize the challenges warriors face are merely symptoms of the trials they have endured and show the world how resilient, capable and benevolent they really are, while diluting the injurious social competition focused on manipulating the Veteran brand simply for donor dollars and flagrant glory.

 YOU, ME, WE, US ...

Have the power to win the  battle  and it's time to collectively take a stand, ignite the critical mass to unite the skills and  experiences of military Veterans and their families with their hometown communities and trusted NPOs to provide our veterans with three things they lose after leaving the military: 


By working alongside hometown community organizations  and NPOs 

providing the greatest service and impact possible .


Gained thru utilizing their  leadership capabilities, endurance and  benevolence

to recognize the impact their personal skills make within their families and communities.


Aimed to strengthen, reshape and push forward 

as better physical, mental and emotional versions of themselves.

We Want You!


We  served together, we heal together. The BROTHERHOOD. It's not only you, it's us. Moving forward,  healing and the constant battle of facing our demons takes courage.  There are many struggles we face as combat Veterans and no one size fits  all solution, but there is a solution.  We will help you bridge the  gap, but you must take the first step... REACH OUT. 

We've got your six. 


Only with your participation can we make it possible to help Veterans and their families help themselves.  IT TAKES A VILLAGE. Camaraderie, purpose and a sense of fellowship with their communities is the key to successfully & sustainably reintegrating Veterans from combat-to-community. Join us if you will in creating a strong, healthy, positive impact on your community.     


We collaborate with a trusted network of specialist, professionals and reintegration focused organizations, who EMPOWER Veterans and their families to look beyond illness, injury and challenges to regain purpose and focus on moving their life forward in a positive, sustainable manner. If you are UNITED in this mindset, let's explore how we can TEAM UP to help your organization become stronger. 

Semper Paratus Campaign


Since November 2017, we have been beta testing our theories gained  during the Walk of Life and implementing anchors in numerous communities  across the US with great success.  Standing together we are gearing up  for a high impact SEMPER PARATUS TOUR of 24.   A  24-city combat-to-community Veteran reintegration event tour in support  of our Semper Paratus Campaign, a Veteran focused collective impact  effort led by Brotherhood Bridge Foundation.  

SEMPER PARATUS CAMPAIGN is a coalition of  military-to-civilian transition focused Veterans, their families and  caregivers, trusted NPOs, benevolent private sector supporters, military  transition allies, community leaders and caring citizens who have come  together to open dialog, instigate relationships, build leadership and  anchor hometown platforms to create effective, sustainable solutions for  successful reintegration focused on breaking societies stigma that  warriors are broken, eliminating the challenges faced by returning  Veterans and healing the culture behind the Veteran suicide epidemic.

The MISSION is to draw together,  unify and establish local, centralized networks of Veterans, families,  community organizations and NPOs across the US, community-by-community.   These constituencies will focus on  identifying the challenges faced by  their hometown Veterans and collectively implement executable actions  to simultaneously neutralize the burdens carried home by our Veterans,  impact communities to thrive, and empower organizations to do what they  are already created to do, only better.

We welcome and encourage you to stand with Brotherhood Bridge Foundation. 

Awareness to Action


We are not here to defend or attack the statistical Veteran suicide numbers or demand awareness, place blame, point fingers or shun accountability.  The time for action and solutions is now, because later is too late.

  • Suicide is not a solution;
  • Surviving day-to-day is not living;
  • Reliance on alcohol, drugs or chemicals (legal or illegal) is not a solution;
  • Anger destroys people, relationships, families;
  • Emotional scars are just as devastating as suicidal scars;
  • Adrenaline and addiction to chaos must be fed in a constructive way;
  • Reconnect to the lost sense of purpose and brotherhood;
  • There is a cause and effect to every decision;
  • Band of Brothers: We need to do a better job of looking after each other;
  • Break the silence. Stories need to be told and heard;
  • Defeat the stigmas of seeking help. Healing takes courage;
  • Isolated in the darkness of your own head is the worst place to be. 

There comes a tipping point in every life, in that moment, you must choose your direction. Our tipping point …     


There are countless Veterans who are struggling, and numerous organizations who are reaching out, but the one missing piece of the bridge is YOU, our friends, families and communities.  In a world that feels injured, go beyond awareness and be part of the healing. 

BROTHERHOOD BRIDGE advocates direct personal engagement to combat self-destructive Veteran behaviors.WE NEED YOU NOT YOUR MONEY to help us close the gap. Stop the suicide epidemic and lift the burdens carried home by our Veterans by embracing the fellowship of humanity.  It Takes a Village.

STAND with us in connecting Veterans, communities and trusted organizations to successfully integrate Veterans into civilian life. With each person who connects, the bridge gets stronger. PLEDGE to...

  • Put down the electronics, step off social media and dedicate 22 minutes a day to being present, engaged face-to-face with someone who may be struggling.; 
  • Encourage others who share the mindset to pledge; 
  • Bring individuals or organizations who are making a difference to our attention.  Drop us an email.  We'd love to connect with them. 

Your pledge is honorary.  Your commitment and accountability comes from you.  By officially pledging, your name will be added to our email list, and your city, state will help us track our reach. Click PLEDGE to learn more.


Veterans and communities need one another.  Veterans and their families need more than what any individual person or organization can offer.  Veterans bring skills and capabilities to communities.  Building networks and partnerships is necessary, but collaboration takes hard work and trust. There are organizations who are reaching out and making a difference, but to be sustainable we all need each other to support, encourage and bring together Veterans, communities and trusted organizations who understand the struggle, have pertinent training and provide applicable assistance for successful military-to-civilian transition.

BBF seeks to ignite critical mass, community-by-community, to unite the skills and experiences of military Veterans and their families with their hometown communities and NPOs to provide our Veterans with three things they lose after leaving the mlitary...

1.  A continued passion for service; by working alongside hometown community organizations and NPOs providing the greatest service and impact possible;

2.  Renewed focus, purpose and a sense of belonging; gained thru utilizing their leadership skills and recognizing the impact their personal skills make within their families and communities; 

3.  Peer-to-Peer support; aimed to strengthen, reshape and push forward as better physical and mental versions of themselves.

You can make a difference.  Be part of the solution. TEAM UP with  integration focused organizations, communities and like-minded individuals to engage Veterans in your community ONE STEP at a time.

Host or join a WALK OF LIFE event. To see our calendar of events and to learn more... 

Reach Out - Together We Can Build a Bridge

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