Brotherhood Bridge

The Worst Part of War Should Not Be Coming Home

Bottom Line...

WE DON'T SAVE LIVES HERE ....... We provide the tools and resources for Veterans to Save Themselves.

We instigate the hard conversations focused on building relationships that provide the tools and support for Veterans, their caregivers and families to look beyond illness, injury and challenges to strengthen, focus, heal, and reshape to save themselves, while regaining purpose of mission and passion to strengthen our communities.


We are not here to defend or attack the statistical Veteran suicide numbers, demand awareness, place blame, point fingers, shun accountability or simply play the game. We’re here to speak to a much larger conversation to change the way the game is played, to heal the culture behind the Veteran suicide epidemic and strengthen our communities. 

As a combat-Veteran, Caregiver and Community founded NPO, we believe You cannot live in the real world under a false narrative. We’ve been there, done that and have the war and social scars to prove it. We carry those scars behind a strong belief that we cannot be involved as Veterans, as caregivers, as first responders, as non-profits, as suicide prevention organizations, as families, as communities, as concerned citizens, as government agencies or whichever participant box you check, in a zero-sum game.


As a society we need to be as strongly committed to the reality of world noise as we are to the noise of social perception. The constant social barrage has programmed people to equate Veterans with a toxic caricature of a functioning alcoholic, riddled by social anxiety and/or PTSD, incapable of calm interaction, physically broken from service-related injuries and experiences, shunning conventional structure with an entitlement thank me for my service mindset, leaning life towards the 22-a-day statistic. Untrue. 

Not only for the benefit of Veterans but also for our communities, people need to stop buying into the conventional polarizing noise and start thinking like a strong, socially cohesive force. It is our responsibility to not assign a defeatist label unto Veterans, but rather recognize the challenges warriors face are merely symptoms of the trials they have endured and utilize the resilience, skills, capabilities and benevolence of Veterans to not only save themselves, but simultaneously enrich and strengthen our communities. 

Bridging the Veteran-to-Civilian Gap

Veterans are Americas Greatest Natural Resource

With a US population of 327.16M people (22,301,200 Veterans), 1.5M registered public charities (45,000+ Veteran focused) and reported federal government spending of $3B annually to treat PTSD and $61.48B spent on community, why are we still struggling? Under the umbrella of millions of charitable organizations and billions of government dollars, it’s time to cross the Rubicon in critical mass to strengthen our communities by re-introducing America to her greatest natural resource - Veterans.

Carrying On the Warrior Spirit of 'Deuce Four'


You don't change culture through emails, memos, hashtags or more noise.  

You change it through relationships.... One conversation at a time.


It begins with concentrated conversations to build networks and partnerships focused on the development and refinement of a theory-based framework that establish life enriching connections, incorporating Veterans and Communities through the consistent provision of inclusive and local hometown tailored physical, social, and service activities. Often referred to as the Enrichment Equation comprised of three core constructs:  health, people and purpose. It won’t be easy. Studies show those core pillars sound well and good, yet three major hurdles exist:

(1) Isolated information silos, instrumental barriers and stigma to help and resources;  

(2) Distrust among the Veteran community to utilize help and resources; 

(3) Lack of structure and engaged citizenship between Veterans, their families, caregivers, communities and non-profits.

There is no singular solution. It takes a military-to-civilian focused coalition to lead this resurgence of strength and healing. Collaboration and action take hard work and trust, but it is possible. We must work together. Veterans bring skills and capabilities to communities.  Communities bring opportunity, inclusion and focus to Veterans.  Trusted non-profits and government organizations provide resources, pertinent training and applicable assistance. We need each other.



Access to trusted, relevant resources, peer-to-peer support and   accountability, structure and physical activity aimed to strengthen, reshape   and push forward as better PHYSICAL, MENTAL and EMOTIONAL versions of   themselves.


Engaged citizenship that fosters honest, reliable, trusting personal   relationships, close social bonds and social networks that MINIMIZE feelings   of ISOLATION and DISCONNECTION.


A sense of MISSION AND PASSION for continued service gained by   working alongside hometown organizations and non-profits utilizing their   leadership skills and capabilities to lead a resurgence of strength in self   and community. 

Collectively, HOMETOWN-BY-HOMETOWN, we can break the isolated information silos, create dialog, connect relationships and instigate communication to draw together a critical mass of real help with executable actions and trusted support, empowering a resurgence of strength in our Veterans and our communities.


Let's Put That in Perspective

OUR LONELY SOCIETY MAKES IT HARD TO COME HOME FROM WAR - Sebastian Junger discusses why we need the solidarity felt during wartime & investigates the trauma experienced by returning soldiers, argues the main problem lies in the divisions and tensions of western society.  Puncturing the Veteran stereotype as a war-damaged victim in need of salvation, the core  is many Veterans owe their distress less to traumatic deployment experiences & more to the sense of alienation they experience on return.

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

We are coming to your hometown and would love to connect with you. We encourage you to stand with Brotherhood Bridge Foundation in healing our Veterans and building strong, healthy, thriving communities.

We Want You!



We  served together, we heal together. YOU. ME. WE. US. The BROTHERHOOD. Moving forward,  healing and the constant battle of facing our demons takes determination, resiliency and inner-strength. We are not defined by mental, emotional or physical scars.  The challenges we face are merely symptoms of the trials we have endured and it's time to take the fight to the enemy.  By challenging what challenges us, we make peace with our past, move forward and heal ourselves. REACH OUT. We've got your six.



327.16M People in the 2018 US Population Census - Engaging the collective power of hometowns and nation resources is paramount. Only with your participation can we make it possible to help Veterans and their families help themselves.  IT TAKES A VILLAGE. Camaraderie, purpose and a sense of fellowship with their communities is the key to successfully & sustainably reintegrating Veterans from combat-to-community and creating strong, healthy, communities.



We collaborate with a trusted network of hometown and national coalition of military-to-civilian focused Veterans, their families and caregivers, trusted non-profits, benevolent private sector supporters, military transition allies, community leaders and caring citizens who have come together to lead a critical mass resurgence to heal the culture behind the veteran suicide epidemic and create strength in community. If you are UNITED in this mindset, let's explore how we can TRIBE UP to help each other.