Brotherhood Bridge

Call to Action...


We are not a fundraising effort, we are a PEOPLE RAISING effort. Our goal is to stop the suicide epidemic and integrate Veterans successfully back into civilian life by embracing fellowship of humanity, connecting people-to-people, what we affectionately refer to as TRIBE. Bringing together Veterans, communities and trusted organization to create like-minded partnerships. 


We don't want your money, we want YOU.  Be part of the solution.  Put down the electronics, step off social media and dedicate 22 minutes a day to being present, face-to-face with someone(s) who may be struggling. A family member, a friend, a complete stranger... start the conversation. 

We can’t do this without you. A 2015 article by @taskandpurpose said it best “Still, there are further steps needed in bridging the gap created by those who serve and those who don’t. Supporting integration back into families and communities requires robust public-private partnerships. The veterans, as well as the communities they live in, are both responsible for filling or bridging that gap, though not necessarily equally.” You can read the full article here:  


You CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and we know it.  We are not here to defend or attack the statistical veteran suicide numbers. For us, one suicide is one too many. You can make up our own mind and learn more in a recent VA Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet posted @KRQE news release here:  

There are countless Veterans who are struggling, and numerous organizations who are reaching out, but the one missing piece of the bridge is YOU.  In a world that feels injured, go beyond awareness and be part of the healing. 

  • Dedicate 22 minutes a day to someone who might be struggling;
  • Encourage others who share the mindset to pledge;
  • Bring individuals or organizations who are making a difference to our attention.  Drop us an email.  We'd love to connect with them. 

With each person who connects, the bridge gets stronger. Your pledge is honorary.    Your commitment and accountability comes from you. By officially pledging,  your name will be added to our email list, and your city, state will help us track our reach.