Brotherhood Bridge

Our Story

Combat Veterans Drinking Beer...

The journey began when a group of Deuce Four combat buddies, drinking beer, chatting online, decided to 'hump' across America.

The Tipping Point...

Tragedy struck. During the course of planning the hump, one of the buddies, Nickolas Becker, stepped into his back yard and took his life. Reality hit hard. The Deuce Four unit alone had lost 30 warriors to veteran suicide since returning home from combat. The tipping point had been reached. From despair, sprang a purpose. Soldier up. LEAVE NO MAN BEHIND.

Veteran-to-Veteran We've Got Your Six...

It all started on a pier in Santa Monica, CA on June 16, 2017. A small group of combat Veterans rolled up their sleeves, put their boots to the ground and kicked off the first leg of WALK OF LIFE. A 22 week cross-country ruck from Los Angeles to Washington DC. Their goal, spotlight the overwhelming amount of daily veteran suicides, spread the word about agencies that offer real help, connect people-to-people who truly understand Veteran struggles and most importantly, let those Veterans who are struggling know YOU DON'T WALK ALONE.  

As news spread, the ruck became an experience not to be forgotten. Beyond awareness to action. The journey brought many facets and reflections, the most humbling of which was the building of camaraderie. A BRIDGE. A diversity of people, both Veteran and civilian. Some steeped in traditions, others lost in transit, but all sharing a common ground of authenticity in defeating the suicide epidemic and supporting Veteran integration back into families and communities. A meaningful connection, CLOSING THE GAP between those who serve and those who don’t.

 On Veteran’s Day, November 11, 2017, the final hump into Arlington National Cemetery. NOT AN ENDING, A BEGINNING. From LA to DC, what started out as a small group of combat veterans, had turned into a platoon of Veterans, families, communities and organizations deeply rooted in military-to-civilian transition. From this passion and commitment, BROTHERHOOD BRIDGE emerged to continue the building of comraderie and healing.  

 Catch You Down the Road.   


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