Transparency and Accountability are Important to Us...

Brotherhood Bridge Foundatiion is a 501(c)(3) non profit established October 23, 2017.  (ID 82-3251595)

You will notice there is NO DONATE BUTTON on our page, however you can support us via Amazon (AmazonSmile) and due to popular demand we have added a GoFundMe open for individual and team fundraising. (Please click on Allies link above for details).  

Our operational budget is funded by private and corporate Sponsors, NOT DONORS.  All staff and board members VOLUNTEER their time, energy and passion to the mission of BROTHERHOOD BRIDGE FOUNDATION.

This content will be updated as our financials become available.

Thank You for Your Support!!!

You can support BROTHERHOOD BRIDGE FOUNDATION by shopping AMAZON (when you shop via AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate to us) and by making an INDIVIDUAL DONATION or TEAM FUNDRAISING via our GoFundMe campaign.  (Click on the ALLIES link above for more details).